February 4, 2016 @ 1:40 PM

Who Would Own Your Business Today…

If you died, retired or became disabled yesterday?

▶What would happen to your business if you suddenly became unable to run the business due to physical or mental impairment? 

▶Would the right people be able to obtain the necessary roles to keep the business running? 

▶Can your business survive what may be weeks or months of your absence while you recuperate?  

▶If you were unable to return to work would you want your business retained by your loved ones, sold to the highest bidder, or should the right of first refusal be provided to a hand-picked individual? 

▶Would your trusted employees be provided continued employment?  Is there a family member willing and able to pick up the reins and lead your company? 

If these are the types of questions that keep you up at night, a business continuation plan is vital TODAY backed up by funding.

It’s Time for Your Business Continuation Plan in the next 30 days.

If you want to discuss your business continuation plan with a planning expert, please contact ASG today for:

1.     Plan creation…

2.     Funding through life insurance, key person insurance or buy-sell insurance

3.      Steps to implement your buy-sell or estate transfer plan.

Please contact us (info@aspenservicesgroup.com) today to make an appointment to meet with a business planning expert.