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Registered Agent

What is a “Registered Agent” and Why Do You Need One?

  • Virtually every state requires all corporations and limited liability companies (LLC) to appoint a Registered Agent. Most states require the Registered Agent to be physically located in the state of incorporation or qualification. If you fail to appoint a Registered Agent, then the state will take steps to prevent you from being able to do business in that state.
  • A Registered Agent is an entity that is responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents for your corporation or LLC, which may include: notice of litigation (service of process), franchise tax forms and annual report notices.
  • Your Registered Agent address is a matter of public record. Each state wants to make sure that its citizens and businesses have a way to contact you in the event they have a potential claim against you. Without a Registered Agent to receive legal process on your behalf, you could be defaulted for failing to answer the claim in a timely fashion.
  • A Registered Agent is like car insurance… you may never need it, but you are required to have it, and you're glad you do when a problem occurs.

Why Should You Use Aspen Services Group as Your Registered Agent?

  • Selecting Aspen Services Group as your Registered Agent provides your business with a layer of anonymity.  In the unfortunate event that your business is sued, you won't be sued in front of your customers.
  • As your Registered Agent, we will ensure that you receive real-time information on litigation. Aspen Services Group will forward via fax/ email and courier, to whomever and to wherever, a Notice of Service of Process usually on the same day we are served. This Notice will detail, among other things, who is suing you, in what court, how and when it was served, the nature of the case, and what time you have to answer.
  • As your Registered Agent, we will also receive on your behalf official documents such as annual reports and franchise tax notices and forward them to you in a timely manner.
  • You can rest assured that if you choose Aspen Services Group as your Registered Agent, your critical documents will be handled correctly and in a timely matter - we are the experts with over 30 years of experience behind us!

As a valued member of the business community, you know the necessity of having an expert there when you need one.  Besides serving as a Registered Agent for many of our clients and offering ongoing education seminars, ASG also offers a wide variety of services and opportunities that may be useful to your business and family.  ASG also wants to keep you informed of current issues that may affect your organization and provides regular newsletters covering those issues that may be of interest to our clients.  

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