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Aspen Services Group, LLC
Registered Agent in the State of Washington
Disclosure Notice


Aspen Services Group, LLC, (ASG) is an independent Washington State limited liability company offering cost effective business education, training, and risk management services. This disclosure notice is intended to identify the various methods by which we are compensated and how these compensation methods are determined.

  • Education Training– ASG distributes articles, business data, and newsletters on a semi-regular basis at no charge to its registered agent companies, trusted advisors, and referral sources.  ASG also offers seminars for a modest fixed fee, and in-house training programs and consulting services for a negotiated price.
  • Registered Agent– ASG provides registered agent services in the State of Washington for corporations, trusts, and limited liability companies for both domestic and foreign companies/entities.  There is an annual fee for this service, and separate fees if and when any service of process notification is required.
  • Referrals, Including Insurance– ASG will provide, upon request, a referral to a registered/licensed source for key services, such as certified public accountants, insurance brokers, and other professional advisors.  As a licensed insurance agent for life and disability insurance in the State of Washington, ASG is permitted under industry practices and state law to share in any life or disability insurance fees with the broker who places such coverages. The principal source of revenue for most insurance brokers and producers result from a commission paid by insurance carriers based on the type of coverage and the amount of the premium.  Commission expense is built into the premium charged by the carrier and paid by an insured.  Whether premiums are remitted directly to the carrier or to the broker, who in turn remits a net payment to the carrier, the earned commission is a specific percentage of premium.  Agreements between brokers and carriers vary.

ASG assures every customer and every prospective customer that its decisions with respect to a referral for insurance or other services have always been and will continue to be guided by the best interests of its customers.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact us: info@aspenservicesgroup.com