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China Invest - USA

What is China Invest – USA?

A weak US dollar and ailing US economy make US companies fallen on hard times attractive to international investors and Chinese organizations are seizing the opportunity with increasing frequency.  Chinese investments into the US rose over 350% in the first half of 2010 compared to 2009.  China Invest – USA seeks to match qualified US business organizations with Chinese buyers who are looking to expand into the US.

For years foreign regulations have created numerous hurdles for Chinese companies wanting to do business outside of China.  The past few years have seen a dramatic easing of these regulations, and an increasing need for small to medium sized US companies to seek foreign investors.  As such, many experts expect that there will continue to be a rising tide of investment from Chinese companies throughout the US to acquire or grow brand, market share, and technology rights.  This potential foreign investment could contribute to the economic growth in the US and could potentially help end the current trade imbalance.  China itself started an outbound investment push in 1987 and updated that program in 1999 to support the purchase of foreign companies by Chinese businesses.

Aspen Services Group is seeking qualified private companies in the greater Seattle area who seek a partner or investor from China to grow their business locally or internationally.


What is the Benefit to the US Business Organization?

Current economic conditions in the US have made selling business organizations difficult and finding a local buyer challenging.  As more and more Chinese companies are seeking growth opportunities around the world, and as China eases its foreign investment regulations, matching these two interests can benefit US business looking for a buyer significantly.

The financial infusion from Chinese companies offers US organizations the ability to stay in business; continue the advancement of their technology and products; and hire additional employees.  Finding the perfect buyer or investor also allows the US business the opportunity to grow the organization both locally and internationally, further develop the local economy and help to ease the trade imbalance.


What is the Benefit to the Chinese Investor?

The opportunity for Chinese organizations to invest in US businesses is not only to invest in one of their key export markets, but to find in North America a set of skills that will enable them to further develop their technology, and core innovations. Investing in US organizations also offers Chinese businesses the opportunity to tap into new customer and distribution markets, research and technology programs, recognizable brands, and a favorable jobs market.  Chinese companies may also use their US investment opportunities to upgrade their management and increase their knowledge about the US market by learning from the managers of the companies they invest in or purchase.

By appropriately entering the US market Chinese companies can position themselves as good corporate partners by bringing jobs to the US which could help improve struggling local economies, becoming involved in the local communities as good US companies do, and strictly complying with US rules and regulations.


How does China Invest Help?

The China Invest program can help the Chinese investor find an interested US business that matches the specific needs and interests of the investor.  The program can assist the US business in finding that perfect partner or buyer during these tough economic times.  The program can then help the parties navigate the complex legal system to help create a successful business relationship.


Sample Interested Organizations

Please click here to view sample interested US business organizations and Chinese investors.

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