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Aspen Services Group, LLC
Registered Agent, Insurance & Risk Management

Let us help you protect your business.  We offer the following advice and services:

  • Cyber Liability and Risk Protection Insurance
  • Life Insurance for Succession Planning
  • Insurance for Family Estate Planning
  • Funding Shareholder Agreements

Stress Test Your Insurance Plans!  Most people don’t find out their insurance coverage is inadequate or may lapse until it is too late.  Insurance is meant to save you from financial disaster, but do you have enough of it, and the right kind to help in a crisis?  Experienced professionals can show you how to put to the test your organization’s insurance plans to make sure you are covered, when, where, and how you need it and can provide expertise with the following critical steps:

  • How to fund Shareholder buyouts and business transfers
  • The Truth About Insurance Rates
  • Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Actual Stress Tests on Your Insurance Plans


If you have questions about your insurance coverage, please contact us today.

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